Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Information About Wide Area Vacuum Cleaners

Wide area vacuum cleaners are a type of vacuum cleaner that can cover large areas in a short amount of time. Most wide area vacuum cleaners have a cleaning path larger than twenty inches and utilize either a large vacuum motor or two smaller motors running in conjunction with a roller brush or beater bar. Wide area vacuums can range in price from $700 to $10000 dollars depending on the size, options and quality of the vacuum cleaner. Wide area vacuums are perfect for facilities such as schools, hotels and conference centers.

The purpose of a wide area vacuum cleaner is to clean a large amount of space in a small amount of time. The major benefits to using this type of vacuum are reduced worker fatigue, lower labor costs and more accurate cleaning. When a smaller vacuum cleaner such as a 14 or 18 inch vacuum is used to clean a large area the user has to propel the vacuum cleaner in a forward and backwards motion putting stress on the lower and upper back that can cause medical problems over a prolonged period of time. A wide area vacuum cleaner is pushed in a forward motion just like pushing a janitor cart or trolley reducing the chance of back injury or fatigue. Some wide area cleaners have built in propulsion systems that are brush assist or wheel drive to make the task even easier. These types of vacuums can do two to three times the work in the same time as a upright commercial vacuum cleaner reducing labor costs. With a wide area machine it is possible to have one worker complete the job of two to three in the same amount of time. Most wide area vacuums have larger vacuum motors than small vacuums making them incredibly reliable at picking up almost twice as much debris resulting in a cleaner carpet.

Wide area vacuums work on the same principles as regular vacuum cleaners but use more industrial parts and are built to last longer. Most regular vacuum cleaners utilize a 6 to 12 amp motor compared to 15 to 20 amp motors used on wide area models. Most large wide path vacuum cleaners also carry on board baffle units to quiet the motor below 70 decibels for cleaning while customers or bystanders are nearby. Increasingly HEPA filters are becoming more popular on these models so that they can be used in healthcare facilities. HEPA filters can reduce are pollutants by up to 99.6 percent and can cut down on the spread of allergens into the air.

Some wide area vacuum cleaners now come with onboard tool kits which make it easier to clean baseboards and hard to reach places that traditional wide are units could not reach. Most basic tool kits usually include a crevice tool, large brush tool and extension wand. Some more extravagant kits can include extensive hard floor tools and overhead cleaning attachments. Most kits stow away on the front or rear of the wide area unit and are secured with metal or plastic fastening clips.

The principles on how a wide are vacuum cleaner works are simple. Most units have a large brush roller sometimes known as a beater bar that rotates and agitates the caret with a nylon brush. As the nylon bristles agitate the fibers a vacuum motor creates suction drawing the debris into some type of collection unit. Common collection methods used in wide area vacuums are cloth shakeout bags and paper filter bags. Shakeout bags can be emptied and reused and paper filter bags are filled and then discarded. Paper filter systems are the best for air purification and reusable cloth bags a great way to cut down on costs.

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