Thursday, May 13, 2010

Upright Vacuum Cleaners - Light Yet Mighty

Let's face it, everyone needs a vacuum cleaner, they are absolutely necessary appliances. They not only pick up all the dirt, crumbs and debris from a carpeted area, there are all sorts of nifty attachments that can clean all sorts of surfaces including linoleum, hardwood floors, and upholstery. These new upright vacuum cleaners available today are not only lightweight, they boast strong suction powers, and amazing versatility. They don't have to deal with issues that former old clunky models presented, such as bulky and cumbersome vacuum bags, hard to push heavy machines, and poor suction abilities. Thanks to the sleek and easy new vacuum technology of lightweight upright vacuum cleaners, these issue are a thing of the past.

The History of Convenience

The history of the upright vacuum cleaner is actually a lot more fascinating than it may seem. The whole vacuuming process that takes place inside of an upright vacuum cleaner involves a changing in air pressure caused by a pump that is reducing the air pressure inside a tube. The surrounding atmospheric pressure then pushes air through the carpet into the tube, sucking up all the dirt and debris with it. This is the central idea behind the technology that is used in all vacuums, including upright vacuum cleaners. The very first machine to utilize this technology was the Whirlwind, back in 1868 by Ives W. McGaffney. This invention helped revolutionize cleaning potential all over the world.

Commercial upright vacuum cleaners have gone through all sorts of changes since 1868. When vacuum cleaners were first introduced, they were extremely expensive, with most costly a third of the price of a car. As the technology became more cost effective to make and more companies entered the market, vacuum cleaners became a staple of every middle class home. Door-to-door salesmen and their convincing demonstrations to housewives everywhere helped facilitate the growing popularity of vacuum cleaners until now you won't find a home without one.

Upright vacuum cleaners have a cleaning head and a bag, or now a plastic refuse container, that catches all the dirt sucked from a surface. There are many kinds of attachments that make cleaning difficult surfaces or hard to reach spots extremely easy. The suction action is redirected to the attachment and can offer the same power as moving the unit across the floor.

Cheaper and Better

Over the past 15 years, upright vacuum cleaners have gotten significantly cheaper and better at the same time. Over time vacuum cleaners have gone from their past as an awkward and noisy yet compelling new technology to being a quiet, easy, affordable and powerful convenience. Upright vacuum cleaners have gone from costing a large fraction of the price of a car to costing as little of a moderately expensive meal for two. Also, we no longer have to rely on the biased opinion of door-to-door salesmen to make our purchasing decisions. We can now search any of the many upright vacuum cleaners review sites available online to read comparisons by real customers. Thanks to the internet, we no longer have take a chance on an unknown product.

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