Tuesday, June 22, 2010

10 Reasons You Need a Central Vacuum Cleaner

If you're in the process of choosing a new vacuum then perhaps you've already decided on a central vacuum cleaner, and know about the features and benefits, and why it's right for you and your home. If you're not sure why a central vacuum cleaner might be just what you're looking for, then here's what you need to know.

1. With a central vacuum cleaner, you can move from room to room with ease. Instead of having to carry an upright or canister cleaner, you only need to carry the hose. This makes them ideal for the larger home.

2. This means that you no longer have to carry a vacuum up and down stairs, or have to have a separate one for upstairs. You might have a separate hose for upstairs, but you won't need to have another cleaner.

3. All you need to do is to plug the hose in to a socket on the wall, and then you can start to clean your room in the same way you would with a more traditional vacuum.

4. The dirt is collected in a central bag which is hidden from view behind your walls, but is easy to access and empty. Depending on the central vacuum system you choose, you might only need to empty the bag once a year.

5. If you're thinking that you may struggle to get the same levels of cleanliness from a central cleaner, then you'll be pleased to know that you can get the same sort of attachments as for cylinder and upright cleaners. You can choose from such accessories as crevice tools, pet hair brushes and rigid hoses.

6. If you've got pets, or somebody in your family suffers from allergies, then you'll want to choose a system with HEPA filters, which will take out more of the dust and dirt from the air and the carpets, and leave your home cleaner. Many central cleaners have HEPA filters as standard, or as an option.

7. If you home has a combination of carpets and hardwood floors, then you'll want a cleaner that can clean both. Why not choose a central vacuum cleaner that is just as capable of cleaning wood as carpet, so you don't need a separate floor cleaner.

8. An effective central vacuum cleaner will also be able to clean your mattresses, so that you will reduce the risk of allergens in your home.

9. Unlike the vast majority of other vacuums, central vacuums are quiet in use. You can have a conversation whilst vacuuming, or vacuum whilst other people are in the room, and not disturb them.

10. Although it may initially require more effort to install a central vacuum cleaner than an upright or canister cleaner, but it is well worth it to keep your home clean efficiently and effectively.

Now you know more about them, and the benefits they can bring to your home, perhaps now is the time for you to choose a central vacuum cleaner.

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