Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Review

One of the most common of problems in maintaining a vacuum cleaner is making sure that its bag is in the best of conditions. Oftentimes, this leads to consumers having to replace their vacuum bags more often than not. This is one good reason to make the change to a bagless vacuum cleaner. It requires less maintenance and is apparently more efficient than one that requires a bag. Here is a baglesss vacuum cleaner review on a couple of models of different manufacturers.

Bissell Powerforce Bagless Upright

Even though canister vacuums are more popular these days, the upright models still do find there way into the market and into consumers homes. After all, the upright models still are very useful and now that they come in a bagless version, they have just been made all the more important to have around the house. The Bissell.Powerforce is low-priced and is special because there are features on it that are only really ever found on higher end models. With a large dirt container instead of a bag, this allows the bagless vacuum cleaner to pick up more dirt and hair off of carpets. The container is also very easy to remove in order to dispose of the dirt, much like throwing trash from a trashcan into a dump truck. Cleaning is less of a chore compared to bags because you can give the container a quick wash and have it on the go almost in an instant.

Fantom Fury

It seems that bagless vacuum cleaners are becoming more popular these days. Take the Fantom Fury, for instance. It's an excellent vacuum cleaner that is extremely lightweight and like most other upright bagless vacuum cleaners, you will find the dirt vessel right on top of the cleaning head. This makes it even easier to move around the house. With it's clear canister, you will be able to see all the dirt that is collected from the carpet and various floor surfaces. And once the cylinder is filled, it is easily emptied, again like emptying out a trash can. The Fury also comes with a long-lasting HEPA filter and is recommended for those who are allergic to dust particles.

Why Make the Switch?

This bagless vacuum cleaner review insists that you make the change. Although it's true that consumers have become quite used to the original design of a vacuum with a bag, the flaw is that they will end up spending more because they need to change those bags wants they are full. A bagless vacuum's vessel only needs to be emptied out and then it can be used all over again. Also, a vacuum that does use bags will more than likely be clogged with all sorts of dirt and hair that it picks up. This will require even further maintenance from the consumer side, whereas a bagless vacuum would have save that consumer loads of time. It seems that the bagless variety (with their strong suction function) might even leave your floors and carpets even cleaner than their bagged counterparts.

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