Thursday, June 24, 2010

Clean Your Floors Without Chemicals - And Save Money

It may sound like you won't be able to really keep your house clean without using chemicals, but the truth is that you can have a pristine, well cared for, home without using any chemicals to keep them clean, without going through a lot of hard work, and you can save money in the long run doing it.

You're probably fairly familiar with steam cleaning fabrics, but there are also hard surface steam cleaners that you can use on counters, bathroom surfaces, kitchen surfaces, and your floors-even hardwood. They have hand held portable units which you can use for counters and your floors (although you'd have to bend over to clean the floor with them, which I don't recommend) and they also have steam mop products which look like a typical mop, but steam clean the floor.

With either type of product all you have to do is pour some water into it, wait briefly for the water to heat up, and then use. The steam mops usually have a microfiber pad on the bottom, which is really great for absorbing spills on the floor, picking things up between cracks in the floor, and getting up pet hairs--all the reasons floors can be hard to keep clean in the first place. The hot water thoroughly cleans the hard surfaces, but is still not abrasive (like chemicals usually are) and as long as you have a sealant on your hardwood is fine for use on all hard surfaces. Portable units even come with multiple attachments, like a squeegee for windows and mirrors.

When choosing a product that you obviously want something in your price range is also good to find something that comes with pads, microfiber multiple (these are reusable, just put them in the washer, but it is good to have a second round if you plan to cleaning a big house), the facility will achieve unity around your house and how much water the unit can hold.

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