Friday, June 18, 2010

What Do You Do If Your Kenmore Progressive 35922 Or 35923 Vacuum Cleaner Has Problems?

The Kenmore Progressive upright vacuum with "intelli-clean" has been the one of the most popular vacuum cleaners in the past few years. I will cover a few of the most common problems that occur from common use as well as how to remedy these situations.

Hopefully, you can use this article as a guide to troubleshoot your Kenmore if you have an issue

Problem #1- No Suction. This is a very common issue with this vacuum which might have a number of causes.

Solution: Check the bag. This might seem obvious but a full bag reduces the vacuum power. The performance indicator light next to the "intelli-clean" light will turn red if the bag is full. You simply open the front of the vacuum and pull the bag straight out, discard the bag and replace with another bag. There are (2) varieties, the regular paper filtration bags and cloth HEPA style bags.

If changing the bag did not do the trick, try...

Checking for obstructions. Take a look at the point where the hose meets the base of the vacuum and check for any obstructions in the hose or from the base of the vacuum to the brush roller. If you find an obstruction you can usually remove it with a wire hanger or something that can remove the clog.

If there are no obstructions, try...

Checking the filters. On the Kenmore Progressive there are (2) filters. Check both of them, one is on the back between the extension hose the other is below the bag inside the cover. If the filters are plugged, the vacuum motor cannot produce suction to draw dirt into the bag.

Problem #2- Vacuum will not turn on. This problem results from an overheated motor that causes the reset button to pop up like tripping a breaker. The overheated motor might come from a full or near full bag or an obstruction in the brush roll such as too much hair or string wrapped around the brush roller.

Solution: The remedy here is to check the brush roll, remove any obstructions, and push the white reset button to reset the motor.

Problem #3 Intelli-Clean does not work. The sign that the intelli-clean does not work is that when you press the intelli-clean button on the handle, there is no difference if it is on or off, it does not change suction.

Solution: The remedy is to open the front cover, remove the bag and take a cotton swab and clean the point where the bag is placed on the vacuum. The inside of the opening has a sensor that triggers the intelli-clean feature. If the sensor gets too dirty, it will not work correctly. Swab the inside of this area to clean the sensor and replace the bag.

Problem #4 Blowing dust out the back of the vacuum. This is a sign that there is a rip in the bag, and dust is leaking into the vacuum chamber and blowing out the exhaust filter. If you see this problem you must do something immediately or the vacuum could be permanently damaged.

Solution: Remedy-remove the bag. Then, clean the inside of the vacuum chamber with a wet cloth and wipe dry. Clean the filter next to the motor and shake out the vacuum to eliminate any dirt particles from entering the vacuum. Finally, replace the bag and clean or replace the now dirty exhaust filter.

Hopefully you can use this information the next time your Kenmore Progressive 35922 or 35923 goes on the blink. Now you know exactly what to do. If you encounter a problem more complex than what I have written about, there is a good chance you will need to take your vacuum to the repair shop for service.

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