Monday, July 26, 2010

The choice of a vacuum cleaner - bag or bagless

People call to questions about how to remove stains on the carpet steam cleaning of carpets, effective methods to eliminate odors from pets. A popular question that I see is: What kind of vacuum should I buy? Vertical or boat? With a bag or bagless?

Buying a vacuum cleaner

When buying a vacuum cleaner, there are several factors to consider. The manufacturer, size, suction power, portability, filters, mounted on the wall ... With so many optionsand many issues factor, it is easy to confuse the consumer. In this article I will address the issue of choosing a vacuum that uses bags and those who do not.

own vacuum bags were in the same time, the only type of quality suitable for consumption available. As the vacuum sucks up dirt and dust is sucked into a replaceable bag. The bag is breathable, allowing air to circulate through the bag. bags once filled, empty orreplaced. The non-replacement of a bag can be disastrous - not only lost power suction head, but it is overheating and may damage the vacuum motor. The bags, which can be made from recycled materials are expensive and generally It is not difficult to replace.

** Tip: When choosing a vacuum in bags, look for one with a bag full indicator.

Bagless vacuum to replace the bags with hard plastic containers that the reception ofdebris is sucked into the vacuum process. Generally, these hunters of dirt and dust are transparent, easy to remove and just as easy to replace. The user does not hurt to see when the container is in need of emptying. Many consumers are attracted by the bagless because they eliminate the need to buy bags. It should be noted, however, the dust trapped in the pot the celebration is usually very thin and able to fly the greatest care, if no action is taken whenemptied.

** Tip: When used frequently or if the pet hair (or hair of another type) is a problem, you may need to empty the container before it is full.

A word about filters

The two bags and bagless filtration system. Although the best of all are approved HEPA filters help remove dust particles, bagless machines often use additional filters to be cleaned more often than those of a packaging machine . Alsorequires annual replacement.

void of any kind that you finally decide, I recommend that you use once a week to keep the rug in the shape of the tip top.

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