Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dyson Pet Vacuum - Models and Features

Dogs and cats are lovable but when they begin to own you, you either vacuum all that shed hair from the carpets, car's upholstery, and from the floors all over the house OR let them go. Of course you would never let them stray so vacuum it is. The Dyson pet vacuum is one such vacuum that can do the job efficiently.

DC 31 Animal

The handheld model of this Dyson pet vacuum is designed for pet hair removal. Although it is pricey it is a regular workhorse. This would be a perfect home cleaning tool if you have multiple furry pets in the household. Try it on the armchair and the result is fantastic. A swipe produces a line of "hairless" swatch. The lowdown though is its short power range. After 15 minutes, it has to be recharged, but the results are amazing! No fur is evident on your upholstered chair or rug.

DC07 Upright Vacuum

This is a powerful vacuum with a bin that can contain as much as.89 gallons. This is a bagless contraption that uses an air-powered brush-bar. This is best used on carpets and upholstery or larger areas. It is safe to use on rug and fringe carpets because the brushbar can be maneuvered and controlled with the foot control.

The airflow is continuous, a plus feature because that prevents upholstery or curtains from getting stuck to the to the air vent. When used on carpets, there is no need to adjust the height as the vacuum automatically adjusts to different carpet heights. It is also easy to maneuver because the handle at 4 lobs. is not bulky or heavy, making the vacuum easy to steer along corners or around furniture.

DC 14

For heavy duty pet hair removal from carpets, this is the perfect tool. It can hold as much as 2.5 liters of combined dust, lint, and pet hair. This bagless waste collection tool runs on 1400 watts. If you had problems with hard-to-reach places this Dyson pet vacuum can be steered without trouble under low beds and sofas. The 17 ft stretch hose plus the telescopic wand attacks difficult-to-access spaces; you can clean everything and have a fur-free home everyday. This would be a relief if you have family members and friends who are allergic to dog hair.

This model is not cheap but here are the bonuses that make this a good buy -- powerful constant suction, speed control, 8.2 m cleaning radius, washable pre-motor filter, and an electrostatic filter that traps harmful motor emissions. This electrostatic filter is also guaranteed to last a lifetime.

DC 15

This is another powerful Dyson pet vacuum yet this is easy to steer as it moves smoothly. With a deft twist of the wrist, the vacuum's head can be directed to the target area. This model shows off a patented BallTM that makes the steering easy and the cleaning on all surfaces easy.

All Dyson pet vacuums parts are tested and all models come with a two year warranty. It might help to know that all Dyson vacuums do not lose suction, a plus feature for a good deal.

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