Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ideas for recycling plastic bags

One of the most popular ideas for recycling plastic bags is to line the bathroom trash can with them. Some ideas to recycle wisely.

1. Fill in the blanks. Use plastic bags to fill the gaps around pipes, ducts and other openings in the wall or the floor instead of filling gaps with caulking or spray foam.

2. Protect your fruit. plastic bags in front of nearly ripe fruit that grow on a tree to prevent insects and to protect them from frost.

3. Apply waxes and creams. Plastic bags canbe used as a glove to clear furniture wax or polish. After that, use a soft cloth to polish to a shiny finish.

4. transportation facilities. Divide hostas and peonies, the bags are used to operate the plants and keep soil in place.

5. Label for a pot of paint. When you are finished painting, put a plastic bag on top of the paint can before putting in the box. This prevents unwanted particles that have adhered to the bottom of the upper part of the painting itself.

6. Keepthat jeans clean. Cut holes in the bottom of two plastic bags and throw them on the legs of his pants and kneepads when gardening.

7. Make sure the glue does not stick to the wrong things. When the tweezers in his latest woodworking project, drag a plastic bag between the collar and the timber. Once the glue has dried on your project, you can drag clips easier.

8. At the same time after a storm. If you suspect that snow or ice during the night, wrap a plastic bagaround you in your mirrors next to the car that are free of ice when you go in the morning.

9. Keep your dog or cat comfortable. Take an old pillowcase and other things with a little plastic bags. What end is open and your pet will have a comfortable bed to lie on when you are resting.

10. Organize the material. Cut a plastic bag to fit perfectly with his tool belt. This will prevent nails and other small parts from sliding deeper into the seams.

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