Saturday, September 25, 2010

Look at the Dyson Cyclone

For many years our loyal Amway clean (one of their best products) had an upright keeping our floors clean. There is no comparison between the quantity and traditional empty. Amounts win hands down - better suction longer. Therefore, they had no choice, but we wanted to replace the Amway, but not the high price of another Amway Cleaner.

While the races we have encountered an upright Dyson Cyclone. L 'Vendor was very keen on the product. At first glance this appears to violate doped plastic. It's not a big fan of plastic as the amount it can break and not a fan of strange colors' vacuum cleaner did not take my wife or me at first. But we left a day or two and came back for a second look at this. We did work hard for sales people selling, running the vacuum cleaner in the workshop and must show us the ins and complete. Despite our original concerns,Its $ 799 AUD. Yes, dear, but not the most expensive there.

Using the Dyson for over a year, we are 100% satisfied. He did a great job vacuum carpets and tiles, etc. It 's easy to remove and wash the door. The handbag which means less need to avoid the expense of buying bags. It has three attachments, well appointed, the vacuum cleaner itself.

Not just use it as a right. You can extend the long pipe and vacuum in the more "traditional". The special suction "Cyclone" ensures that you keep more suction longer, even if the desire is reduced if not clean the filters, etc. on a regular basis.

The floor has a vacuum control system of the brush that is probably the only boring part to clean. You need a knife or screwdriver to open up the brush back and remove the strings and other material that wraps around the brush. Dyson vacuum could improve> Cleaner to make this task easier to do.

Overall, I rate this product as a 9 / 10. The plastic is very hard and tough and the wife likes pink and purple, though I live with the color.

(This is a personal opinion. We are not associated with Dyson in any way. I accept no liability in respect of this article).

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