Monday, October 18, 2010

Dyson DC15 Cyclone Vacuum livestock

The Dyson DC15 Animal Vacuum Cyclone is one of the machines more efficient hair removal market. The DC15 Dyson is preferred by many pet owners because of its suction Root Cyclone technology, which leaves no pet hair back and the original ball design that provides easy maneuverability.

Although Dyson DC15 is primarily function is to remove pet hair, it also has many additional features that do an excellent job to help cleanfurniture, wood floors and even ceilings.

It was designed to remove pet hair, but that success can be used to clean furniture, wood floors and even ceilings. The DC15 Dyson is probably the removal of pet hair on the market more efficient

Dyson DC15 Ball features review

The Dyson DC15 is equipped with many useful features that are intended to help you in your day to day cleaning needs.

* The Cyclone is the rootDyson is a number of characteristics in terms of suction power. This technology allows the system to maintain constant suction and prevents clogging. You can learn more about Root Cyclone technology here.

* The famous ball spinning and spinning Dyson a piece of cake and hard to reach places are easy to clean

* Motor brushes really work the carpet by removing the hair at the bottom of the carpet. You can also clean the floors with delicate spinning of these brushesprotect the surface

* Telescope Reach Wand was developed to easily clean hard to reach areas and ceiling. In combination with the power cable 37 feet, the rod can cover an area of 57 feet without losing suction.

* Lifetime HEPA filter effectively removes dirt, dust and mite allergy to.10 microns and post-motor filter removes carbon from the living room (that awful smell that almost all vacuum cleanersPress).

* The set offers a convenient way to empty the land: just press a button and the waste is released. Remember this collection is not stock barrel, so no bags to meet to mess!

* The cleaning bar adjusts to any carpet or floor, on the floor with a carpet deep cleaning or more for large debris. The base is very thin, allowing it to be very close to the wall

* The Dyson DC15 also comes with special heads for cleaningfurniture and wooden floors.


The Dyson DC15 Animal Cyclone Upright Vacuum has many advantages over its competitors. Cleanliness is impeccable, because the root system of the cyclone and HEPA filtration. Places that are hard to reach are not a problem because the Dyson Ball technology-specific and scope of the telescope. We also appreciate the Dyson DC15 because of its ability to clean a variety of surfaces (carpet, hardwood, furnitureetc. ..)


* One of the disadvantages of having a Dyson DC15 is that it requires a learning curve. Because the ball Dyson, maneuver like a machine is a new experience and it may take some time to adjust.

* Storage space is needed to maintain the bare floor tool and turbo as there is no space in the vacuum accessories section of these two.

* It was found that the DC15 does not work very well in the carpet, because the aspiration is notstrong enough for these areas.


The Dyson DC15 Animal Vacuum Cyclone makes hair removal system ideal pets because of their state of technology, and the ball Dyson cyclone system. There is also a great void in locations that are difficult to clean and homes / apartments with high ceilings.

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Your review is awesome. I think, This cleaner is designed and made for all purpose cleaning. We can use it for the living room, bedroom, kitchen area, stairs case, etc. for cleaning. This vacuum cleaner is suitable for using hard and carpet floors equally. Thanks for your nice review .

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