Monday, March 14, 2011

Bissell Upright Vacuum - Exceptional Suction and Pet Hair Removal

You don't only need to remove the usual dust and dirt, you should also get rid of pet dander, allergens, and pet hair. For that, you need a vacuum cleaner that can be the task. The Bissell upright vacuum is one good choice as it has proven itself effective and durable over decades of use.

The Bissell upright vacuum is available in a number of models, each built with special functions. Listed here is a look at some of the models ideal for households with pets:

Lift-Off MultiCyclonic Pet Vacuum

The Lift-Off Bissell upright vacuum is intended to clean carpet, bare floors, upholstery, car interiors, and stairs. It has a turbo brush system for cleaning upholstery and stairs that works to catch pet hairs. This model also has a detachable canister so you can use it in areas where other upright vacuum cleaners can't go. It is fairly lightweight, only weighing 27 pounds and has a cleaning path of 15 inches. It has two rows of rotating brushes and a HEPA filter complete with an indicator light that tells you when it is time to replace the filter. The Lift-Off has a bagless, easy-empty collection container. It comes with a crevice tool, dusting brush, pet turbo brush, extension wand, and upholstery tool. In addition, it has a front headlight to illuminate dirt and pet hair.

Pet Hair Eraser

The Eraser vacuum is intended for use on carpet, upholstery, bare floors, and low pile rugs. It includes special features for getting pet hairs out of the carpet like a pet hair lifter and rotating brush. This Bissell upright vacuum has a powerful multicyclonic action that provides superior suction. The Eraser utilizes a HEPA filter to minimize allergens and has an easy empty bagless collection container. The vacuum comes with multi-use tools to make it easy to vacuum upholstery and stairs such as an extension wand and crevice tool.

PowerGroom Pet Vacuum

This lightweight Bissell upright vacuum cleans all surfaces including low pile carpet. It has superior suction thanks to a cyclonic separation mechanism. It picks up pet dander and hair and prevents the dispersal of allergens because of the HEPA filter in place. This vacuum has a cleaning path of 15 inches and also has an extension wand and crevice tool for hard to reach places and upholstery. The PowerGroom is also bagless; disposing of the collected hair and dirt is by emptying the collection chamber.

PowerGroom Pet Compact

As its name suggests, the Compact is smaller that the standard upright vacuums. It weighs only 11 pounds and has a cleaning path of 11 inches. It's also about half the price of the larger vacuums. It is ideal for quick clean-ups of pet hair and other household messes. This Bissell upright vacuum operates on the same multicyclonic and separation system suitable for use on floors and carpets. It has a HEPA filter tool, crevice and contour of company. This vacuum is bagless, so that the removal of dirt collected a breeze.

You need suction power and the type of brush to lift and remove pet hair from your floors and upholstery. The Bissell upright vacuum is a good choice since all these models have been designed specifically to defend thetasks.

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