Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner

One of the main problems with average vacuum cleaners is that they stir and aggravate dust particles. As far as I know the Rainbow vacuum cleaners are one of the only machines that can eliminate this problem. How does it do that?

Rainbow vacuum cleaners are actually designed to purify the air. They suck in the dust that is being stirred up and circulated throughout the room being vacuumed. The dust particles are actually sucked into the machine and trapped in the water with the dirt picked up from the floor. Walk into a room that has been cleaned with a Rainbow and smell the air. Its a pure smell because all the dust has been sucked up.

Another great feature of the Rainbow vacuum cleaners pertaining to dust is that they do not require any vacuum cleaner bags. As I mentioned the Rainbow has a water compartment where all the dirt and dust are trapped and suspended. When you are done vacuuming all you have to do is empty the water into the toilet. This can really save you money over the long run as far as not having to purchase bags. But the main benefit is that vacuum bags are eliminated which can hold tons of dust microns that wreck havoc on people with allergies or have respiratory problems.

I have a friend who had to leave the house every time his wife started vacuuming the house because his allergies bothered him so much. People would be amazed by how much your typical vacuum

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