Friday, March 4, 2011

Sebo Automatic X5 - The Perfect Upright Vacuum Cleaner For Your Home

Imagine a vacuum cleaner that gives exceptional cleaning performance, and is built to last by professionals using state-of-the-art designs. It's intuitive, and has many more abilities than normal vacuum cleaners, and is also easy to fix and clean. Enter the Sebo Automatic X5. Now you can watch your dream come to life with this magnificent product brought to you by SEBO, the primary company dedicated to creating brilliant and outstanding upright vacuum cleaners.

The smartest choice for any decent customer is the Sebo Automatic X5. Its instant-use wand and suction hose are beneficial in cleaning corners and cracks. When you combine the wand and hose, it can reach to a length of about eight feet, making this the perfect tool for cleaning furniture. You can attach an optional nine-foot extension hose, which will create a total length 15 foot hose that is ideal for cleaning stairs. There are also a vast host of additional attachments that can be added to the wand or hose!

You can easily clean under furniture with this baby - it is possible to lower the profile to a mere 5 ½ inches! Do this by simply lowering the handle to the floor, or only to the intermediate position if you plan to clean rugs. Press the foot pedal to bypass the intermediate stop position, or secure this position by moving the orange handle-position slider. At last, you can have an upright vacuum that fits neatly and conveniently under your bed!

The Sebo X5 vacuum's automatic height adjustment is a feature that definitely makes it stand out head and shoulders above the rest. The electronic controls will identify the floor and the height of the carpet nap, and will adjust the power head up or down to the appropriate brush height, providing optimal cleaning of both carpets and hard floors. Cleaning hard floors is easy thanks to the sealing strip which is located behind the brush which improves performance properly channel the flow of air and stop the hair and other debris on the rebound. The setting indicator to tell you when the brush head of energy is to adjust the height of the brush for cleaning proper level. Both green lights (high and low) are easily visible. optimum cleaning efficiency when the lights are off.

Another useful feature of the Sebo Automatic X5 is its ability to turn off automatically ifproblems. Like if something gets stuck in the brush roller, the red warning light will blink, and the brush roller will stop and the device will turn off. This is quite valuable for making sure the belt doesn't break and subsequently wreck your motor and carpet. If the roller's bristles are ever completely worn out, the "check brush" light will stay lighted while the vacuum is on. In this situation, the vacuum won't turn off by itself. It's very easy to install a new brush roller or clean debris off a used brush, with no additional tools required! Clearly, the Sebo X5 is the safest and most user-friendly vacuum cleaner available on the market today.

Another greatly beneficial tool is the stationary use light, which can let you know if something has gone wrong with the device. When the vacuum is in its default upright position, the power head will move up until the brush roller is no longer touching the floor. The red "check brush" light will flash to warn you that something still isn't right, and you need to re-examine the brush roller. Usually, very high-pile carpets cause this situation, or the vacuum is tilted toward the brush roller while using the cleaning wand and/or hose. The solution is to tilt the locked upright handle backward such that the brush is raised above the carpet pile.

With its high efficiency filter system, the SEBO Automatic X5 delivers S-Class filtration as a standard feature and is well suited for sufferers of allergies or asthma. It uses three steps of filtration: First, the three-layer filter bag collects the vast majority of the debris. After that, the remaining dirt or dust bits will be gathered by the micro-hygiene filter. Only the smallest, most harmless of particles remain. An exhaust filter is also attached to guarantee you the freshest and cleanest air attainable. It is built by professionals to assure you the greatest and most useful experience achievable.

The straps on the X5 cars are specially made for life, so you never have to change them. There are almost no gaps that can match the brightest Sebo Automatic X5. Why continue to use the vacuum shit just cause you pain? Make a decision today - go out and get a Sebo Automatic X5 now!

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