Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The History of NSS Vacuum Cleaners and Cleaning Products

The NSS Enterprises, Inc., began operations almost one hundred years ago in Ohio in the former Bissel Manufacturing Company. Known for producing parts for Ford Motor Company, Bissel decided to begin manufacturing vacuum motors for various uses in 1911. Julius Bevington, the executive at Bissel responsible for expanding into vacuum motors in the first place, came to an agreement with the Bissel Company and was able to form the vacuum division into his own company during the 1920's called the National Super Suction Company. In 1940, Bevington's NSS company introduced a sturdy model of canister vacuum to the market, a canister that would later become the M-1 "Pig" Canister vacuum.

Like many vacuum cleaner manufacturers of the times, NSS halted production of vacuum cleaners and devoted its facilities to wartime production. By the end of the war Julius Bevington and his son, John were busy innovating the floor care business and in 1947 invented the first bypass motor for wet/dry vacuum cleaners. Prior to that time, vacuuming water was considered death not only for the vacuum cleaner but for the operator as well.

Later in the early 1970's NSS was able to produce a cold water extractor by using multiple vacuum motors and stacking them to create enough suction to pull water back out of a carpet. In 1976, NSS was the first full-line floor care manufacturer to produce a propane-powered buffing machine and the next year they were able to lead the competition when they debuted the first high-speed cord electric machine. This invention created quite a stir in the floor care industry because it produced floors that had a high shine to them and appeared like they were still wet. This wet look was so popular with the public that other floor care companies began creating products to catch up with NSS.

By the mid 1980, NSS was used in polyethylene for the bodies of their cars. rotationally molded polyethylene is an outstanding material for this purpose because it is extremely strong yet light and pretty. Other companies have followed suit and now the industry standard for polyethylene is used in many floor care machines such as scrubbers, sweepers and burnishing.

In mid-1999, Marco Bevilacqua, Giulio Bevilacqua's nephew, became the thirdgeneration to lead NSS. In 2009, almost a century after NSS began, it introduced the first 27" walk-behind battery-powered burnisher, a model called the Ultra Maxx. Specializing in floor care equipment since its conception, the NSS Company has been a favorite of the commercial cleaning sector for several generations. Today NSS is the only owner-operated full-line commercial floor care equipment company in the world. Always committed to excellence and quality products, NSS boasts such customers around the world such as American Airlines and Hilton hotels, and countless schools, offices and small businesses around the world. One reason that the SNS has been so successful because of its innovation, but an even bigger reason is his commitment to customer service. With over 600 distributors in over 60 countries around the world, NSS shows no sign of abating in the near future.

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