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SEBO Felix Premium - Easily the Finest Premium Vacuum Cleaner

What premium upright vacuum cleaner has won several "Good Housekeeping" awards, and has been praised continuously time and time again by both experts and beginners? That's right; it's the SEBO Felix Premium. Despite its rather costly price tag, it certainly provides a whole ton of value for it, bringing you an advanced and innovative performance the likes of which you've never before seen in a vacuum cleaner! With its sleek and efficient design, it makes for a fun and user-friendly vacuuming experience. When people see you toting this baby around, it'll make their Dysons seem like a child's plaything in comparison!

The great thing about the SEBO Felix Premium is that with it you can get the same amount of movability as you would from a canister vacuum! The only difference is that it's in an upright position. And thanks to a greatly multifaceted "flex" neck, it is highly adjustable and can be used either as a handheld vacuum that you can carry around, or a ready-to-use suction hose. The power head is a marvel on its own; it can change its purpose according to your need, whether you want to clean carpets, rugs, or perhaps some delicate materials that would require the brush to be shut off.

The SEBO Felix Premium uses a special 3-Stage filter system, called Standard S-Class Three-way Filtration. This is actually the European equivalent of the HEPA filter, but simply better, since its electrostatic exhaust filter will remove 99.99% of particles, as opposed to HEPA's 99.97%. Completing its high powered filtration unit is a multi-layered dust bag, motor protection filter, and multiple exhausts. Simply put, nothing can beat the SEBO Felix Premium when it comes to choosing a vacuum cleaner with the best filtration system. It's a world class device that wins hands-down every time.

If you want to clean and suck debris from stairs and out of inaccessible areas, then you'll be pleased to know that the SEBO Felix vacuum comes packed with an excellent suction hose that will serve you well, where and when you need it. And as if that wasn't good enough for you, you can additionally connect a 9-foot extension hose for a total hose length of 15 feet! Couple this with the fact that the vacuum itself has a 31-foot cord, and also has the ability to be lowered to an extremely low height (6 inches), you'll see that there is nowhere that dust can hide from you as you begin your cleaning rampage through your house room by room!

Whether or not you plan to clean carpets, or hard floors; it makes no difference. The SEBO Felix Premium does not discriminate by floor type! It contains a remarkable system in which you may simply switch the head to suit your need. For example, if you are cleaning your carpets and rugs, then you can use the power brush for the job. If you feel the urge to suddenly start vacuuming on the hard floor in the kitchen or the patio, no problem! This can be accomplished by directly and easily attaching a SEBO DISCO head to the vacuum.

But one of the best features of the SEBO Felix Premium involves the safety of you and your house. In the event that an object might get stuck inside the brush roller, it will immediately stop spinning and an orange warning light will illuminate, notifying you of the problem! Imagine how useful this is for preventing belt breakage and subsequent damage to your motor or carpet. In a similar fashion, if the brush is ever set too high and can't reach the floor, or if the roller is worn out and needs to be replaced, an orange light will stay lighted on the panel while the machine is on, and will only turn off when the problem is corrected.

It's also quite a simple matter to remove the brush roller from the vacuum, in case you want to clean it off or replace it with a new one, and you don't need any extra tools to do this. The SEBO Felix Premium has another handy feature; this is the Full Bag or Clog Indicator. If the vacuum bag is ever full, the airflow clogged by debris, or if the device notices that the filter is too saturated with dirt to function properly, then a gauge on the lid of the bag will fill up with an orange color, and an airflow bypass valve will open to let out some air to prevent your motor from overheating.

This vacuum cleaner is also available in a wide variety of colors and styles. Whether you're the type that likes loud and bright motifs, or prefer dull and darker shades, the SEBO Felix Premium has what you want! It really is the finest premium vacuum cleaner that you could possibly get for your household, as it caters to your every need and want! You can't go wrong with the SEBO Felix Premium!

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